Freelance Work: Anita Nut- Drag me to HELL Marina! 

You allllllllll – Freelance work is on a roll! 

It was my absolute pleasure to glam my Lovley Ms. Anita Nut for her Drag show!!! 

This was my first time doing makeup for Drag/ Stage so it was super fun working with everyone who was super open to all new cool ideas! #bravespace 🔥 

PROTIP: with loooooong false lashes, don’t be afraid to snip them a little with some scissors and make sure to size them to your eye 😊. 

In any case, this was absolutely so much fun and so as always product deets are listed down below. 😘 Ciao! 
Face: Revlon Colorstay Foundation and Concealer, Elf Contouring Palette, Makeup Revolution Pro Glow Palette

Eyes: Juvias Place Nubian 2 Palette 🎨, Ruby Kisses Eyeliner glitters in “silver” 

Lips: Ruby Kisses lipliner in “Cappuccino” with NK Makeup “Whipped Lipgloss in “vivid burgundy” 

Layer on the Nudes..


Back to back to back to back to back POSTSSSSS I’m back yall!!!

Lol it’s literally so much fun writing these posts and I appreciate all of you that have gotten back to me about how much you appreciate these posts and how much you’ve learned!! That’s beyond awesome and I absolutely appreciate everyone who takes the time to read these 🙂

I’m a jack of all trades if you haven’t learned 😉 and I’m actually a singer. I’ve been singing my whole life and I am currently apart of my university’s choir – which has been an amazing learning experience. PROTIP: If you’re going be doing any HD photos or going to be under any stage lights (like I was) the best way to keep matte is to dab on some setting powder BEFORE you put on your foundation – works wonders!

For our Fall 2017 showcase, I decided to keep it pretty neutral to keep it nice and fresh i.e I layered on all my nude shades ha

Since all these shades are pretty neutral and easy to come by I won’t list any product deets – but of course, if you would love to know about a particular product – ask away!

Till later – stay beautiful!




Freelance Work: Nicole

** all participants have given me full disclosure of their image and is aware of there public presence on this blog**

Some people love football, some people love video games, I like Fleeking up my friends in my past time

I absolutely adore working with new faces, new looks, and new faces!! check out this natural beat I did for my lovely Nicole 😀




Just a smidge of Beauty Modeling?


I’m oh so obsessed with taking photos – I am! its such a good time ha! When I started JodyBeauty I wanted it to be identified as a makeup look advertising brand but as time has worn on, I’ve realized I would love to post about fashion too!  I’ve always been obsessed with putting together cute outfits and trying my best with matching pieces together. So here are some photos from a session I had with the lovely Hannah Gross – she was absolutely a joy to work with and really made it a fun time. Scroll down to check em out!

Outfit deets – Top: TopShop  –  Jeans: Fashionnova – Suede Sandals: Random Mall Buy 😮




Cosmic Secrets


Hello World!

It’s been a hawt minute since I’ve posted and I am oh so excited to be in the bloggersphere!

The fall season is still upon us and as of late I have been obsessed with two things this fall season (makeup wise); here we go!

The juvias place Saharan Palette…it’s been SAVING MY LIFE truly! it has a bunch of really nice dark colors like “Chad” which is a beautiful dark rich black and “Sokoto” which is a beautiful rich dark orange. For this look, in particular, I really focused on using “Sokoto” for my warm section.

Secondly, I’ve been absolutely loving playing around with warm and cool colors. I have been beyond fascinated with the mixing of the two and this look purely portrays my new found love for it! PROTIP: don’t be afraid to play with color!! too often I feel like we all like to stay in our comfort zone with color..branch out babe – color is your dearest friend 😉

As always product deets are listed under the photos. Ciao!



Face / Loreal True Match in W6, L.A Girl HD Pro Concealer, Maybelline Loose Setting Powder in “Light’, Makeup Revolution Pro Glow Palette, Elf Bronzer and Blush Duo in “Turks and Caicos”

Eyes / Brows using my NYX Cosmetics Eye Gel in “Espresso” Shadows are from the beautiful Juviasplace Saharan Palette using “Sokoto”, “Iman” and “Kia”, Lashes by dodo lashes “d309′

Lips / Ruby Kisses lipliner in “Cappuccino”, Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm “230 Complex” topped off with Sephora gloss in “04 Perfect Nude’

🌺🌸🌺Blooms in Fall 🌺🌸🌺

Who hasn’t thought of blooms in Fall? Pittsburgh somehow has a way of maintaining it’s beautiful greenery and blooms even the fall 😍 i’m absolutely in love! This was actually the makeup look I did for my first fashion shoot! I’ve mentioned that I love fashion yet I haven’t gotten to do any fashion posts! They’re significantly more stressful I’ll tell ya that much lol 

I’ve actually been pretty stuck in th makeup I’ve been using – for the past maybe 5 looks I’ve essentially been using the same palette’s so actually if you have any suggestions, that’d be nice! 

I do have a ProTip tho: IF YOU CANT DO A CUT CREASE…learn how it’ll literally make you’re makeup 👌🏽 much neater. Trust me. It’s a life skill. 

Stay moisturized my friends. 😘✨

Holiday Looks in Fall?✨✨

The holiday season is fast approaching don’t you fret! The Fall season right befor the holiday season is personally my fav but for some reason the holiday season caught my eye in terms of  inspo! 

If you want any product deets on this one contact me on my social media listed on the left side of this page! Love you guys! I truly appreciate all the response I’ve gotten on all my looks so far! It’s been inspiring me to keep doing them and to get better and better thanks! And you’ll see some more from me soon 😉

Rosy Sunset 🌅 🌺

Say your mine…I live for a rosy sunset 😍😍 

I don’t know about you all but I’m absolutely obsessedddd with Rosy/Red Tones this fall. Having smaller eyes make really elaborate eye looks a little bit challenging for me but with this look I think I’ve cracked the code! As with a cut crease, using glitter a little past the crease definitely makes the eye look rounder and larger! Huh who would’ve thought..

Stay moisturized my loves 😉 as always makeup deets are listed below the photos ❤️✨

Face / Maybelline Pro Matte: 109( a holy grail!!!! 🏆🏅) Makeup Revolution Pro Glow Palette

Brows / NYX Eyebrow Gel in “Espresso” 

Eyes / Androgony Palette by Jeffrey Starr 💖, Dodolashes style “D309” 

Lips / HudaBeauty Liquid Lip in “Trendsetter” 💅🏽

A Good Quicke Never Hurt Nobody….

As in a quick makeup look! 
A new series of sorts that I’m gonna start here on my blog are makeup looks that I absolutely HAD to share with you all.. but were in no way planned to be a blog post. 

Do anyone of you get inspired out of nowhere? I do all the time. This time I was inspired by my emotions, in particular the blues 🦋💙. Enjoy this look! And for this one, DM me on Instagram @honeyue or comment on here any questions about any product details. Talk to you all very very soon. 


Bubble Gum POP ✨🌸

Anyone who knows me pink is my ABSOLUTE favorite color! I’ve been catching up with Siesta Key, I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses lately, have been wearing my hair in dainty curls… I’ve been in the girly mood! And this look reflects my squishy soft and delicate interior 🎆.

Fun fact, this was my easiest look to date! But it was so much fun too! PRODUCT SHOUTOUT: to the amazing NYX Cosmetics Chromatic Illuminating Powders!! I used “Snow Rose” which looks actually white in the pan but goes on the skin a poinent light pink 🌸.

Which highlight is your favorite at the moment? Let me know! 😉

As always product will be listed below! Byeeeeeeeeee


**key Products

Eyes / Beauty Creations “Irresistible” Pallette using “Venetian Red”, Ruby Kisses Glitter Liner in Silver, Dodo Lashes in “D301”

Face / NYX Chromatic Illuminating Powder in “Snow Rose”